Fairy Tale of Enlightenment : Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Dayna Lynne Lowe, Illustrated by Maya Kruger, By (photographer) Heather Callin

How important are you? What difference can you make? Are you able to figure out the everyday things in your life? No matter where you are on your lifes journey you are very important and what you do matters a great deal. There is information and compassionate assistance available to help you figure things out. Dayna shares her journey from personal darkness into a place of light and love and dispels the myth that enlightenment is just for the select few. She lays out sign posts to assist you on a path of self-discovery and a journey of enlightenment that involves personal evolution and spiritual expansion. This book contains practical, concrete examples and exercises to try. The author cheers you on your path and shares excerpts from the guides.